I’m A Christian. What Are Some Examples Of Mortal Sin?

A sin can be assimilated to a crime when use in justice, morality as well as ethics. Biblically, you sin or commit a crime when you don’t follow God commandments, he gave 10 commandments to Moses. Laws he wrote on tablets soon after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. These laws were use in the creation of law as well as regulations of in the penal code. Even though morality, ethics and religion have the same law, they’re different on the consequences awaiting sinners. The penal code has numerous punishment for those who dare ignored the law. Morality believe in consciousness, your consciences punished you if you sin, as for the Bible, it’s believe in God punishment after death.

If every sin is punishable by

If every sin is punishable by God, what are mortal sin?. Mortal sins are sin punish by death, in ancient Israelites, God punish sinner directly from the sky with thunderstorms or any other natural elements. Today things seem to be different, since Jesus sacrifices God stopped punishing sinner directly, he now gives them enough time to repent, to change. As for mortals sins, according to the James 1 verse 15 “sin when it’s fully grow bring forth death” while Roman 6 verse 23b tell’s us that the salaries that obtain she, is death. From James and roman, it’s logical to say every sin are mortal. When you read the beginning of the Bible, Jehovah said to Adam that if he consciously eta the fruit he will die since he will become a sinner. Every sinner die to obtain his salary, but if every sin is mortal, is there many different type of crime? No, Jesus said there isn’t a half true or small crime, a sin is a sin.

There's a different between forgivable sins

There’s a different between forgivable sins and unforgivable sins. In Mark 3 verse 15 “all sin Will be forgiven to the children of man, But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, is guilty of eternal sin”. Every sin is forgivable if you repent yourself and start a new life. If you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, you will never gain forgiveness. Even death won’t redeem you from your sin, you’re pretty screwed since you carry an eternal sin on your back. To blasphemes against the Holy Spirit one must according to Matthew 12 v 31, 32 as well as Hebrew 6 verse 4, 6 its when a Christian who has been enlightened by God, blessed as well as educated by the Holy Spirit, falled away, that’s go back to act as a lawless, a person without any education on what is good or bad. If such a man fall in sins, he blasphemes against the Holy Spirit that has fed and educated him.

I'm A Christian. What Are Some Examples Of Mortal Sin?

This sin or blaspheme can never be forgiven, it’s better to blaspheme against God or Jesus than the Holy Spirit. Every sin is mortal, since we died because we they have sinned. Jesus have given every human a chance of repending from their sins when he sacrificed himself for all. We all have a chance to relive a better life after our death. If after knowing what Jehovah think about the 10 commandments, we voluntarily choose to do what is bad in the eyes of God, we’re doing an eternal sin. We learned multiple things true in this Bible study, God considered sinners state of mind before punishing them. Ignorant are forgiven their sin after death, if stolen without knowing the consequences of your act, after realizing your errors you asked the almighty forgiveness, due to Jesus blood, you’ll be forgiven.

But if a knowledgeable man, for example a priest or an elder decided to steal consciously, he sinned against the Holy Spirit and won’t be ever forgiven. If human judged had the power to judged criminals base on their state of mind, the earth Will be a better place. Even if its isn’t possible to read minds like Jesus or his father, we should from criminals as well as friends actions determined if their wrong doings was premeditated or not. In case it was premeditated, we shouldn’t associate ourselves with such a friend, he doesn’t even deserve a second chance according to mark 3 verse 29. We should be grateful to Jesus as well as javew for the chance they gave each of us, chance to repent. Christian shouldn’t follow other example, they may be ignorant, lawless following their extinct.

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