Is Bearing A False Witness A Mortal Sin?

For millennia it has been the practice of scrupulous men as well as women alike to accuse someone they desired to see suffer with any crime they could make up to realize their wick desires. Bearing false witness has gone beyond the confines of a neighborhood where neighbors accuse each other for sinister reasons. The mentioning of sin in the question posed by this expository piece requires a judgement of such act through the lens of religion. Sin is mention in the Christian religion it is evident from scriptures like what is found in Exodus chapter twenty verse sixteen. It says verbatim “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. The Christian religion that has its foundations rooted in Judaism just as its foundation makes a distinction between lying in general and perjury. Though the two are fundamentally the same one lying in general is considered somewhat acceptable and in some circumstances even commendable.

However, perjury is done with the

However, perjury is done with the intention of destroying someone there are a variety of terms used to define the act of bearing false witness before a Court of Law because the act is considered criminal. In the book of proverbs chapter six verses sixteen to nineteen, there is a list of the things which are done under the sun that are an abomination unto God Himself. Of such abominations bearing false witness is found as well as placed in the same category as shedding blood, devising evil against another and feet that hasten to do evil. It is easy to consider that a person’s words are harmless versus taken someone’s life but the Bible equates a lying tongue or bearing false witness to killing.

Gossip is as well as was and will always be an activity practised when people are involved it is inevitable like breathing. But often out of rumors are born the elements that make up for a false witness statement, like threads of crimson woven into the patterns of a pure white sweater. This crime is punished by law when it occurs in Court as laws have been set in place should the result of a false testimony produces the death of an individual the perjurer will be imprisoned for life. Though this proves how serious this kind of crime is to the Courts when it occurs among civilians and the outcome is still death there are no measured taken.

It is an unfortunate practice that has claimed the lives of countless people as their innocence could not be proven. The result of this crime often leaves its victims defenceless before the society that is if it as not caused them more than they can gain back. Winston Churchill says this of lies “A lie gets halfway … before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” and by then the consequences that result from lies are irreparable in most cases. Bearing false witness is a sin according to scripture that will be judged by God and a crime by law punishable by life imprisonment.

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