Is Disobeying One Of The 10 Commandments Sin?

Is Disobeying One Of The 10 Commandments Sin?

As we see fom bible that disobeying is among the commanend that were given to us as from those laws we are told to obey. It means that going against these laws then means that we are disobeying. For us all then we are required to obey these commands that w are told to obey them as from the Bible. As from the bible we are told that here are those commands that were given to us for all of us who believe in Christ may have a clear understanding of how Good want us to live.

From bible we read that God

From bible we read that God gave Moses ten commandments that were written in a tablet. Almighty God gave Moses those commandments to bring them to Israel you find that laws are well outlined for us all to have a clear understanding. That is why God says that we should obey them. God is about to give us these laws that God want each of us to follow. From the comands that are at the holy book of bible is that disobedience is attached of sin that God is condemning. Therefore, we should not let God anger to be upon us while we as Christians can follow these commands that God want us to obey. thanks

For Christian, there is a New

For Christian, there is a New Covenant where everything written in the Old Covenant (Old Testament) about creation of God with Satan, the origin of sin, the sin nature off man, the history of Jews then prophesies, etc. These are all relevant, embraced by writers of the New Covenant but a writer. It is because of that work of Christ as a final sacrifice, once for all that terms and conditions regarding our relationship with God. Then with requirements for gaining entrance into heaven are no longer same as in the Old Testament. There are given examples of the changes, but circumcision is a good case in point for this discussion. Circumcision remained a requirement for being a servant of God, but it changed from a physical requirement to a requirement of circumcision of the heart. And in fact, Scripture points out that even in the Old Covenant, circumcised flesh without a circumcised heart was not pleasing to God.

Is Disobeying One Of The 10 Commandments Sin?

That said, disobeying 9 of the 10 Commandments is mentioned as being sin in New Testament, with only one not specifically mentioned being the commandment concerning Sabbath, on 7th day of week. In New Testament, 1st day of the week was set aside as the day of worship singing praises, reading/learning the scripture, and partaking of the Lord’s Supper.

The commandments did not affect Christians as they were given to the Israelites and their converts only. Christians did not exist at the time Moses gave commandments as Jesus fulfilled those commandments when he died. Lord savior Christ said two laws were still important to pleasing God. To love God with all your heart, soul, mind then to love your neighbor as yourself then, we do break those commandments often. We are all imperfect. Almighty God appreciates your efforts and knows we are imperfect as long as we keep trying to obey God by doing best God forgives us if we ask to be forgiven.

Disobeying one of those Ten Commandments is sinful as Jesus did not remove any charge to follow these Commands. Rather, he justified then simplified those Ten into Three that is loving your neighbor then God. If you love your neighbor, you will want to follow God’s Commands so that you do not cause your neighbor hurt. While we will want to share the Life with them, by sharing the Teachings of God’s Word.

When we look in the holy book of bible Disobedience is a sin as we see that God tell us to obey parents then it means if we don’t obey them then that’s disobedience. If then the commandments are telling us to obey this clearly says that disobedience is a sin. As Christians then we should follow what God is telling us as when we don’t follow Gods way then we will be punished by God. Disobeying God’s commands will make us be punished by God, sinning is against God’s law that’s why all of us should obey them to have good relationship with God.

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