Al Quran

Review verse Isaiah 56.God’s Accusation A

We get the idea this day does not go well, and we hit rush hour trying to figure out what went wrong on the way home. Somehow we get exhausted, that we will have to work on tomorrow Identify temptation. This is the most important step of all, as identifying the things that tempt us out in our lifetime. The first step towards eliminating them by praying Take 10 minutes to think about what tempts you out during the day.

Being always sinning makes us out of the good path all have to rush to get ready, rush to get there, and stress out the whole time about looking bad and being late. Let us earn the habit of being prayerful, and this all disappears.

Many of us is a mess

Make an effort to start getting ready earlier, and to prayers earlier each other times and also before we sleep it also makes work less hard. Time yourself to see how long it actually takes to get ready, and how long it actually takes to get somewhere. We’ve probably been underestimating these times. Once we know these times, we can plan backwards so that we show up early each time we need to go to Church It’s a good feeling. What weekly occurrences let us out What people, activities things cause all these in our life. We should bMake a Top 10 list, and see which of them can be eliminated, and start to weed them out. For those that can find ways to make them less tempted we should pray.

Many of us is a mess and we snap at our families. Again, it is a bit extreme but maybe we see through some of the things that pull people out of spiritual life. Eliminate unnecessary commitments we should edit our commitments before and apply those concepts here. Things to do in our lives and, starting with work related to things to do at home, other family work or religious, even activities and more. Let us know each of them, and magnitude it provides, and what is get out of them all.

Al Quran

We’re all disorganized to some extent. Even if we’ve organized something, and created a great system for keeping it that way, things tend to move towards chaos over time if we abandon God’s work. But disorganization squeezes us out, in terms of visual clutter, and in making it difficult to find stuff we need Take time to get things in our lives organized, starting with our spiritual life and the people in our homes and moving on to other areas.

Stop sinning, and take steps today to remove what makes you sin out the most. There are many more, of course, and I won’t cover all of them here.

But these sources of torture can be eliminated with a little thought. Here’s how His kids have not put things away exactly where we tell them to put them away, so we begin to yell at them. We might be quick, dinner in front of the TV and zones out before falling asleep late.

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