The new edition of

The new edition of God Bless The USA

As the 4th of July had arrived, the country group of Capella has reportedly joined hands with Greenwood Lee. And they are with the United States Air Force Band for another type of “God Bless The USA”. As they spent some years of hiding the patriotic smash with themselves, the Home Free were making plans to lift their traditional system of “God Bless the USA”, which they did not even fail in doing. Based on reports, they joined hands with Greenwood, and the Air Force band’s main chorus. This new edition of the song does not just feature different voices, but it even marks the band’s first song that was released by joint efforts.

During the launching, Austin Brown, who

During the launching, Austin Brown, who is from Home Free, said that the way they sang continuously has given inspiration to their country for many years. And Austin Brown even said that it is a privilege, and even an honor for them to perform for their country. He said that they did not only perform alongside the artists, but they even had the opportunity of performing with the band of the Air Force. Brown stated that the experience there, was an awesome one for him, and he hopes that it gives a positive reflection in the lives of different citizens, as it has done in his life. Greenwood said that it’s wonderful to sing alongside Home Free because they have different talented and artistic singers. He stated that he has never been enjoying that kind of freedom to sing “God Bless the USA”, unlike the recent one. Greenwood even showered thanks to the wonderful and talented band of the USA Air Force.

The new edition of

Furtherly adding, he just said a happy Independence day to America, as well as the singers that he congratulated for their awesome voice. In the release, it revealed that Greenwood, the Home Free, and the USA band are hoping to have the chance of performing their new edition. Based on reports, the fans of the country song should be aware by now, concerning the 1984 edition of “God Bless The USA”. And even if some were not there in the days of the song, they would have even read concerning how the music was a successful one. As the song was sung by Greenwood Lee, it even had to become his favorite number. According to him, he said that “God Bless The USA” was not just any kind of music, but was also an inspiration to the whole of the USA.

This song was immensely trending when the Gulf War of 1990 to 1991 was still occurring. And it even became part of the popular charts after the attacks, and even the Iraq invasion back in 2003. Fortunately, the track became part of the Billboard Top 100 back in 2001, as News of it spread all over the USA. It was reportedly occupying the 16th spot on the top 100 list, which was a good one. This track is truly serving as an important song, since the current global crisis is still ongoing.

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