What Are The Immortal Sins?

There’s is no sin, neither mortal or immortal as sin is a theological presumption, in particular, an invention of the Roman Catholic Church. Even though an equivalent idea exists in all religions but religions are not entirely wrong. Instead of sin, there is action with reaction, or cause and effect. For every cause there is an effect and for every effect a cause is born too. Moreover, sin, if at all you insist that the producer of cause of a particular kind in the cause-effect relationship is looked upon you as sin, it is always mortal and never, never, immortal.

That’s simply because, whatever is immortal

That’s simply because, whatever is immortal is unaffected by time or eternal in nature. Therefore, such a thing has existed before time came into being and will continue to exist after time comes to an end. One can never produce or generate a cause (called by you as “sin”), that can ever be immortal while, no sin can ever be immortal.

Sin is what some God, by

Sin is what some God, by mans tradition, does not like as a mortal sin, comes from Catholic traditions. And is a gravely wrongful act, which can lead to eternal damnation, if a person is not absolved of the sin before death. Despite its gravity, a person can repent of having committed a mortal sin. Less formally it is a sin which cuts you off from eternal life, you will not inherit the Kingdom of God” etc. This is in contrast with a venal sin which is like a mortal sin but maybe not so damning may be you just made a mistake because we are incapable of judging them. The names as most have dropped are just from imagination or the respect we may have for them and many more.

Imortal sins these are those things that we do while knowing as from the Bible God says that he hates a hand that will do evil knowingly that is the main reason that make God’s to be provoked. As we may have a look on most of your ways then you find that many are committing imortal sins just because of being ignorant of the word of God. From God’s commands then we see how the Bible tell us to avoid sinning as most of those Bible verses are a warning given to us against sinning.

According to the bible, ALL SIN will separate you from God. No sinful person can enter the presence of God. That’s why Jesus came to earth to give humans a way to get rid of their sin get to the state where they can be in the presence of God(heaven). If you acknowledge Jesus as the son of God Almighty then believe that He died for YOUR sins you nee to repent for your sins and confess them to Jesus, He will forgive you that sin will be wiped off your slate forever. From then on, you have to walk away from sinning. Jesus gives you the power through his Grace to walk away from sinning.

Then according to religious teachings, any sin committed is due to ours was weaknessses, so it is observed that we will committ sins. As humans we are the creations that have free will which means that we choose to follow God’s law or to go against it. But the best believer is the one who accepts his mistake and returns to God for forgiveness. God is Extremely beneficient, Extremely Merciful but at the same time He is just so when we go against his commandments will have transgressed ourselves so it is good as Christian’s that we repent.

When we repent our sins are forgiven , and we will be no longer be held accountable for it so repentance can erase your sin. There are sins which we make while knowing then God says that we as Christian should repent so as to inherit the kingdom of God. We all need to know that God is against imortal sins we see that bible condemns them as well. That is why Christian’s are encouraged to observe the Sabbath day for them to know what is expected of them by Almighty God. We are told that you are much appreciated for your one union that makes us to do right for God.

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