Who Was The Most Attractive Male Greek God?

Dionysus was the Roman equivalent of Bacchus the God of wine, who was most often portrayed as jolly and in an almost half drunken stupor as we don’t call that particularly attractive. That image is very idealised when talking of two sides of artistic temperament, the two are often related to Apollo or the Apollonian with Dionysus or the Dionysian. Apollonian side is heavenly or artistic side, Apollo being the God that was associated with the muses. The Dionysan side is the earthly side and is often portrayed as uglyas you find things like lust as greed. The two sides are always at War with one another. This is that theme of the Thomas Mann novella Death in Venice the Benjamin Britten opera based on it.

Apollo as Ancient Greece has always

Apollo as Ancient Greece has always regarded Apollo as physically perfect golden god, of course we may think his scopes also level him to that. He’s the god of many refined things with class and power archery, sun, medicine, poetry as Kind of like a prep. These gods reflect their powers, for example, Dionysus would be considered attractive except was that god of wine hosted ridiculous parties, so he was often drunk. Ares is the god of war is said to have scars as he wears them proudly. We all have different views on things when we may think that there exist goods or beautififul or handsome male Greek.

Then there are those that will

Then there are those that will say there’s none who’s handsome Greek gods. Whole thing about beauty may depend with things the one who’s being asked for as we may have different ways viewing things as expected.

Think about it one who’s a master of medicine, a singer, a musician loves his mom, has a kickass twin sister, athletic with amazing at archery, writes poetry, is warm, tanned as ripped. He is literally hottest greek god (God hope the greek gods aren’t reading this or else there’s some lightning bolts in store for me). As other hot ones are dionysus, though he’s most likely drunk constantly, Eros, who is the god of manly beauty with everything else love related, and sure Ares is pretty attractive as too.

It depends because all gods are attractive except Hephaestus but usually, Ares, Eros, and Apollo are shown most as attractive. Apollo is the sun god and is often depicted as a really good god. Ares may be the war god, but he gained the attention of Aphrodite who is the goddess of beauty. Aphrodite chose him over Hephaestus because Hephaestus was ugly as Eros is god of love and is really pretty. If Aphrodite is the most beautiful goddess because she is the goddess of love it isn’t hard to say Eros(god of love) is the most attractive male god. Another contestant could be Ganymede(cupbearer and a love interest of zeus) who was made immortal for practically only his attractiveness.

He’s considered as epitome of Greek Male Beauty so there’s that Ares may have attracted Aphrodite’s attention, he’s too violent. Dionysus may be, but with her she can drive you crazy, and not in a good way. As him, being almost always then (if not always) drunk isn’t attractive. Eros, what do the other gods have to say about that they then won’t agree. Aphrodite might throw a fit should her son lose, but the other gods would have done the same thing, too with result as Apollo wins, and there’s a party. Apollo with muses provide music, Dionysus wine, Ares whatever she wants to provide/extreme sports(if he isn’t too angry), Eros, he would be busy being a matchmaker.

Goddesses were said to be perfectly beautiful (so it makes sense that these gods were all sleeping around) as one who might think based on their preference that Hera is more beautiful than Aphrodite and vice versa. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty so one would be inclined to think she is more beautiful than Hera, as then Paris would have chosen her in the golden apple contest without her needing to bribe him with Helen. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love, she was the most beautiful. As also in Greek mythology, when Aphrodite first arrived at Olympus, all of the gods immediately fell in love with her. She ended up marrying Hephaestus, who loved Ares.

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